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Fae Pass is the only known way between Northern and Southern Caetris. Fae Pass is forest to the North of the Mountains that leads into a series of trails through it. Fae Pass is known for being the home of the Fae. It’s a section of mysterious forest and foliage that each day you never know what might linger in its beauty.

Falls of Nae is not your normal water fall. Its water cascades reversely up the mountains and into Northern Caetris. It uses the lake below as its water source allowing it to flow up and over the mountains. The Falls are accessible through Fae Pass.

A series of mountain ridges pass through the middle of the island from East to West. Epfolk Summit is the northern range that borders between North and South Caetris. Epfolk Summit is home to a healthy mountain ecosystem that animals flock to and winter plants thrive. Unless you know the Summit very well, you can only get around through the Fae Pass that goes through it.

A large lake that is located right in the middle of the island. Connected to the sea by Nature’s Cove and Falls of Nae, its depths are unknown. It’s water pure and crystal clear that you can see directly down to the floor below. They say it’s waters have magical properties and if you drink of it you can wish anything from Mother Nature.

Nature’s Cove. No one has been able to see this area in all its glory. A cove is hidden away deep inside the mountains that surround it. It’s a maze of caves that glow and glitter in the darkness. Rumours are that the one who created all resides spiritually here.

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