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Northern Caetris

Pixie Grove is a flourishing grove of beautiful trees that bloom all year long. Little pixie huts can be found in the tree tops that are home to Pixie’s that have no soul binded. They are the native pixies and pixies of old.

In open plains full of grass and flowers stretches most of the northern part of Caetris. Up in the skies of this part of Caetris though is something spectacular. During the day they are there, but you cannot see them. But when the sun sets, and the moon comes out and the stars wake to begin their dance. A show in the sky begins. Auroras dance in the sky. Flickering and waving as they move across the sky. They never stop and are only visible in the Aurora Plains.

Nestled just on the base of the mountains and between Aurora Plains, Mother's Thicket, and Mirrored Woods. A large lake lies at the base, with water that drains from the mountains and the Falls of Nae. It's a crystal clear lake, that is pure in nature. The water itself holds healing properties.

Located to the east of Northern Caetris, between Aurora Plains and Mirrored woods is the oldest forest known in Caetris. A large towering tree stands in the middle of Mother's Thicket. All year long its leaves never change. They are a gradient of pastel colors and the leaves glow at night. It is said that this is the first tree planted by Mother Nature and holds her soul and magic within.

During the day, these woods are full of Pines. They grow tall and tower to the skies. Though when the sun sets, they turn into a color that reflects all. The trees and grass below becoming like a large room of mirrors. At night, it is a maze, easy to get lost in once they become a land of reflections.

Central Caetris

Fae Pass is the only known way between Northern and Southern Caetris. Fae Pass is forest to the North of the Mountains that leads into a series of trails through it. Fae Pass is known for being the home of the Fae. It’s a section of mysterious forest and foliage that each day you never know what might linger in its beauty.

Falls of Nae is not your normal water fall. Its water cascades reversely up the mountains and into Northern Caetris. It uses the lake below as its water source allowing it to flow up and over the mountains. The Falls are accessible through Fae Pass.

A series of mountain ridges pass through the middle of the island from East to West. Epfolk Summit is the northern range that borders between North and South Caetris. Epfolk Summit is home to a healthy mountain ecosystem that animals flock to and winter plants thrive. Unless you know the Summit very well, you can only get around through the Fae Pass that goes through it.

A large lake that is located right in the middle of the island. Connected to the sea by Nature’s Cove and Falls of Nae, its depths are unknown. It’s water pure and crystal clear that you can see directly down to the floor below. They say it’s waters have magical properties and if you drink of it you can wish anything from Mother Nature.

Nature’s Cove. No one has been able to see this area in all its glory. A cove is hidden away deep inside the mountains that surround it. It’s a maze of caves that glow and glitter in the darkness. Rumours are that the one who created all resides spiritually here.

Southern Caetris


Also known as Aal Ok Kos Sil Aak - May His Soul Be Guided. This island is where the dragons lay their dead to rest. It is also home to the greatest of all the dragon temples - Dinok Hofkah, the Hall of the Dead, the tomb of Diiliivfaad, the God of Death.

The Great Library. The home of all dragon knowledge. A temple full to the brim with scrolls and books lies in the island's center. Home to the Temple of Keldeinmaar, The Knowledge Keeper.

Dragon's Keep. The center island, located above the cove. A place where dragons of all kinds live and gather together at the heart of the island, the main temple of Dovahkii, the King God of the dragons.

The Sacred Grove. An island inhabited mainly by rare, mythical flora and fauna. The majority of the dragon's food comes from here. It is also a haven for the more nature-inclined. Home to the temple of Britsil, The Goddess of Nature.

The Mother Home. The original island, borne from the first dragon's magic. Once a desolate, run-down village inhabited by a measly population of ten dragons. Now, it has turned into a sprawling sanctuary for mothers and hatchlings, teeming with life. It is home to the temple of Monah, the Mother, the Giver of Life.

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